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Reconnective Healing®

Reconnective Healing “behandelt” keine spezifischen Probleme, sondern ermöglicht dem Patienten wieder in die energetische Balance zu gelangen. Dieser Prozess erfordert ein bis drei Sitzungen.

Für viele Menschen hat dieser Vorgang zu einer wundersamen Verbesserungen des Beschwerde- oder Leidenszustands geführt.

Es ist eine spürbare Energiearbeit, die durch ihre Frequenzen ganzheitliche Gesundheit anstrebt und oft eine lebensveränderde Erfahrung mit sich bringt. Oder anders formuliert, unsere innere Balance wird dort wieder hergestellt, wo wir aus dem Gleichgewicht geraten sind. Dies kann auf allen Ebenen: körperlich, emotional, mental und spirituell geschehen.


Try and penetrate with our limited means the secrets of nature and you will
find that, behind all discernable concatenations, there remains something
subtle, intangible and in explicable.  Veneration for this force beyond
anything that we can comprehend is my religion. To that extent I am, in
point of fact, religious.   –Einstein

Reconnective Healing®

A reconnective healing does not address any specific health problem but rather brings the body, mind and spirit  into balance so that the body can begin the process on its own.  Often this does result in removing the specific pain, illness and other discomforts from the patient.

For most individuals there is a noticeable difference in emotional balance and physical pain disappears.  The body begins its own healing process. There have been thousands of patients who have what is referred to „miracle healings“ which basically refers to those who did not respond well to traditional western medicine or other healing techniques.  After a Reconnective Healing there body suddenly responds to the treatment and cancer disappears, diabetes is cured, arthritic joints leave the body, knees which must be operated on are no longer painful, sleeping disorders go away and most significant is the reduction of stress a person feels.  It appears as if the frequency unblocks subconscious limitations the person is holding in order for their body to heal itself.

The energy or rather frequency is noticeable by most patients.  A vibration that moves within the body and most often brings a life changing experience.  The process restores the inner balance and one is more conscious of the body, the mind and the spirit as it becomes a unified intelligence able to heal, create and live your own truth.

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